6 August 2009

From the Deputy Principal

Term 3 value: Determination
Determination is all about working really hard to achieve a goal no matter how difficult or hard it seems to be. 

Dear Parents

The children have settled into the term and are all enjoying the learning that is taking place in the classroom and the extra opportunities provided during the breaks. Both the children and staff have been very busy this week with putting together their class music video for SkoolStars. The premier evening will be held August 18 in the school hall.
6.30pm Year 0 - 3
7.30pm Year 4 - 6

We are very pleased with the start to the term and the continuity of the learning programmes.  The children and teachers are working very hard.

School Attendance:  With the threat of swine flu now at a low we would like to thank you for keeping your child at home when they were sick.  We are now taking a closer look at a child’s attendance as it is important your child has a regular attendance as this will have great impact on their learning.    The Ministry of Education has clear information regarding Justified and Unjustified absences from school.
Unjustified Absences include:
•  Away from school for unknown reason and no notification from parents
•  Absent with an explained but unjustified reason (even though parents may think it justified) family holiday in NZ, looking after siblings, spending time with family/relatives

Justified Absences include:
•  Absence because of illness or medical reason and school is notified
•  Unintentional absence such as, accident, family emergency, bereavement or exceptional family circumstances
•  Pre-arranged absence for national/international sporting or cultural event
•  Overseas with family

When a student is absent and no explanation is received at school the absence automatically defaults to an unjustified absence with a code of truant in our electronic class register system.  If we are informed when the student returns to school we can override this entry.   

School Uniforms:  Please don’t hesitate to contact the office if you are requiring certain items of clothing to ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform.  Our school identity is important to our community.

Parent Teacher Conference:  If you were unable to make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher on Wednesday’s Parent teacher conference feel free to contact the class teacher if there is anything that you want to find out about your child’s progress. 
Fine weather is expected for the weekend.  Make the most of it and take the opportunity to spend some time outdoors with the whanau.

Kind regards
Pelu Leaupepetele
Deputy Principal

General Notices

Welcome to our New Students: Papatoetoe Central School welcomes the following new students to our school –  Cyrellia & Magdalene Nakaora and Shrejal Ram.

Assembly Day:  On Monday, 10 August, we will be having a singing assembly.  As always you are most welcome to attend but please make sure that you are seated by 1.15pm.

Student Council - Environmental facts / tip: There are a number of simple steps we can all take to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle much of the waste that is produced in our school.
Reduce         * Ensure that everyone knows how to photocopy on both sides.
Reuse         * Have a well labelled scrap paper tray in every classroom.
Recycle     * Use your local Recycling Station for paper, cans and textiles.

2009 Enrolments:  If you have or know of any preschoolers who live in the Papatoetoe Central school zone and will be starting in 2009, would you please fill in this form and return it to the school office. 
Child’s Name______________________________________  DOB___________________________


Parent name, address and contact phone number_____________________________________________________________________________________

Term Events
BoT Meeting                       Monday, 10 August       
Camp Stalls                         Wed, 12 August
Skoolstars Evening             Tuesday, 18 August       
UNSW Maths Exam          Wed, 19 August
Mathex                              Thursday, 20 August       
Zone Speech Finals          Wed, 26 August
Camp Stalls                      Wed, 26 August        
Daffodil Mufti Day           Friday, 28 August
Touch Rugby Zones         Tuesday, 1 Sept.       
Disco                                Friday, 4 Sept.   
Y1 & Y4 Performing Arts    Monday, 7 Sept.       
School Cross Country        Tuesday, 8 Sept.
Camp Stalls                       Wednesday, 9 Sept.       
PTA Meeting                    Monday, 14 Sept.
PTA Disco                       Friday, 18 Sept.           
BoT Meeting                    Monday, 21 Sept.
Gymnastics Zones            Tuesday, 22 Sept.       
School Closes                   Friday, 25 Sept.

Community Notices

Enrol at De La Salle College now for 2010:  Metro Magazine has identified De La Salle College as being a leading school in Proven Success for Pacifica boys.  Through its literacy and numeracy focus it achieves at Decile 10 levels in regards to NCEA literacy and numeracy.  Enrolment packs available from the College Office phone 2764319.  De La Salle is one of the cheapest Private/Integrated Secondary School in Auckland.