11 October 2007

From the Principal

Dear parents and caregivers

We have had a very good start to the fourth term.  The children are settled and working well and we are looking forward to a very full term with lots of hard work and the usual exciting activities associated with the approach to Christmas.

Some important reminders
Friday 19 October:    School closed
To enable families to have a four day break over Labour Weekend, the Board approved October 19 as the day off in lieu of the compulsory family fun day that we held on 24 February in the first term.  School will close at 3.00pm on Thursday 18 October and we will look forward to seeing all the children back on Tuesday 22 October.

Thursday 1 November: Greats and Grands Morning, 10.00 – 11.30am

We would like to invite grandparents to visit school again this year on Thursday 1 November. We felt that it was such a success last year that we would like to welcome the children’s great grandparents and grandparents again this year.  The organization for the morning is:

•    10.00 – 11.00am    Greats and grands to visit classrooms where they will be invited by class teachers to read to the children, talk to them and help with the classroom programme.

•    11.00 – 11.30am    Greats and grands invited to spend the morning break with the children

We are looking forward to welcoming many very special grandparents to school on November 1.

Early Childhood Education
The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) has recently published findings from a research project entitled “Competent Children Competent Learners”.  The project has examined what constitutes quality in early childhood settings.  Top rating centres were notable for:

•    Having staff who responded quickly to children and adapted their response to individual children
•    Staff who guided children in activities, asking questions and making suggestions
•    Staff who asked children open-ended questions
•    Staff who joined children in their play
•    Having lots of printed material on the walls and offering a wide range of books

Many of you have pre school aged children and we find that the children who have had quality pre school education manage the transition in general, to school with ease.  These children tend to learn quickly and socialise in to the school environment with relative ease.  So when you are considering the pre school centre for your children, you may wish to keep in mind these findings from the NZCER study.  

PTA Fund Raiser: Buy a bed
Please feel free to check out and try out the trundler bed in the staffroom that the PTA is promoting as their current fund raiser.  It is a high quality bed with very comfortable mattresses and the school receives $100.00 for each bed sold.  The cost is $699.00.  An order form is being sent home today to all families.  

Many thanks to our wonderful PTA who met on Monday night to plan this term’s fund raising events.  There will be a Christmas raffle again this year with the usual barrels full of goodies to be won, so please start to consider who you will be able to sell tickets to in support of our school.

Term Four Value: Responsibility
This term the value that we are focusing on is responsibility.  We will be speaking to the children each Friday at assembly about what this means and we ask for your support in following this up at home.  We will be talking about how people have rights, but they also have responsibilities.  These include responsibility for their belongings, for each other’s safety, and that they are responsible and accountable for their own actions.  Taking responsibility is a very important developmental task of middle childhood and we will be encouraging the children to become more independent and responsible as the year progresses.

Term Four Sport: Athletics
We are looking forward to the Athletics finals next Thursday, October 18.  We have been struggling this week to get through the preliminary events due to the vagaries of the spring weather where as usual we have experienced four seasons in one day..  However, with good fortune on our side, we are confident that we will be all ready to go next Thursday and you are all welcome to come along and to cheer on our budding athletes.

Please note this term’s events in the next section of the newsletter.

Best wishes for an enjoyable weekend.  (I am not going to mention the rugby world cup, except to say that I think that both the All Black players and coaches handled the defeat with much graciousness and diplomacy).

Kind regards
Marilyn Gwilliam

General Notices

Welcome to our New Students: Papatoetoe Central School welcomes the following new students to our school –
Jaycob Bourne, Jacob King, Lucas Lin, Annalise McLean, Caleb Melvin, Logan Reynolds, Gurbaz Singh and Mele-Louise Vaka

Assembly Day:  On Friday, 12 October assembly will be a singing assembly.  As always you are most welcome to attend but please make sure that you are seated by 1.15pm.

Calendars:  The order forms for the art work calendars will be coming home with students next week.  The students’ art work can be viewed before and after school if you would like to check their lovely work.   There are some sample calendars also available for viewing at the office so you can appreciate the finished product. The calendars make an excellent Christmas gift for friends and family or simply a lovely keepsake after the calendar is finished.  

Sports:  Wednesday, 17 October - Year 1 & 2 Tabloids Sports Day starts at 1.15pm and will be held on the school field. All parents and families are invited to come and watch. You can come and have lunch with your children beforehand at 12.20pm. Please note - The Year 0-2 children will not be competing on finals day, on Thursday 18 October.

Athletics Finals Day: Thursday, 18 October starting at 9.30am on the school field for Years 3-6

FRAME 1 (9:30-10:00)
01 G7Yr 50m Heat 1
02 G7Yr 50m Heat 2
03 B7Yr 50m Heat 1
04 B7Yr 50m Heat 2
05 G7Yr 50m FINAL
06 B7Yr 50m FINAL

FRAME 2 (10:00-10:40)
13 G8Yr 75m Heat 1
14 G8Yr 75m Heat 2
15 B8Yr 75m Heat 1
16 B8Yr 75m Heat 2
17 G9Yr 75m Heat 1
18 G9Yr 75m Heat 2
19 B9Yr 75m Heat 1
20 B9Yr 75m Heat 2
21 G8Yr 75m FINAL
22 B8Yr 75m FINAL
23 G9Yr 75m FINAL
24 B9Yr 75m FINAL

MORNING TEA (10:40-11:00)

FRAME 3 (11-15 - 12:00)
25 G10Yr 100m Heat 1
26 G10Yr 100m Heat 2
27 B10Yr 100m Heat 1
28 B10Yr 100m Heat 2
29 G11Yr 100m Heat 1
30 G11Yr 100m Heat 2
31 B11Yr 100m Heat 1
32 B11Yr 100m Heat 2
33 G10Yr 100m FINAL
34 B10Yr 100m FINAL
35 G11Yr 100m FINAL
36 B11Yr 100m FINAL

 FRAME 4 (12:00 - 12:45)
41 Boys  600m FINAL
42 Girls 600m  FINAL

LUNCH (12:45-1.25)

FRAME 5 (1-35-2:30)
53 G10Yr RELAY
54 B10Yr RELAY
55 G11Yr RELAY
56 B11Yr RELAY
57 Teacher v Student Relay

Community Maths Evenings:  Have you ever wondered why  your child learns maths differently from when you were a child? Come along and learn how your child is taught maths in four free maths workshops lead by parents for parents.
The first session in on Tuesday, October 16. This workshop will be held in the school staff room from 5pm - 6.30 pm.

Keeping Ourselves Safe:  As indicated last term all classes will be taking the health topic ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’.   As part of our preparation for this all staff have been involved in a professional development session led by the Mangere Youth Education Officer, Constable Ravindra Prasad.  Parents and Caregivers are invited to a community meeting at school on Monday, October 15 at 3:00pm.  Information about the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme will be provided at this meeting and opportunity given for our associate principals and Constable Ravindra Prasad to answer your questions and discuss aspects of the programme.  

Term 4 Events

Keeping Ourselves Safe            15 October                        B.O.T. meeting            3 December
B.O.T. meeting                29 October                                  Zone Athletics            4 December
Zone Playball                30 October                                    PTA Christmas Disco        7 December
Grandparents Day            1 November                               Zone Touch Rugby        11 December
PTA Mufti Day (Fancy Dress)        2 November                PCS Swimming Competition    14 December
Community Meeting            7 November                            Reports go home        19 December
PTA Meeting                12 November                                Year 6 graduation assembly    20 December    
Year 6 camp                19 November                                  End of year            20 December
Mufti Day (Cystic Fibrosis)        30 November                   Term 1 – 2008 Starts        4 February

PTA Times

Pizza, Pie and Lamington fundraiser - You should have received a form for orders of “Easyorder Food”. This will need to be back next Tuesday. We would appreciate you asking family, friends and neighbours for orders so that we can make this a blockbuster fundraiser. Thank you.
DON'T FORGET - to send all of the printer cartridges you can find in to the school for recycling - this facility is available indefinitely - so keep them rolling in!
Very soon we will be sending the raffle tickets out for our Awesome Christmas Raffle and asking you for a donation of a particular non-perishable food item - so please watch out for this. We are sure the raffle will be well supported again this year.
Beds: Remember to check out the trundler bed for sale at $699.00 in the staffroom.  The school receives $100 for each bed sold.  These are fantastic beds.
Regards, Rachel Hagglund – PTA