20 February 2008

Dear parents / caregivers

Today’s newsletter is a short one as we finish today for the Easter break and there is no assembly this week.

We have had a really wonderful week at school.  The weather continues to make us think that it is still summer time and it is just fantastic to see the children outside running around and enjoying the superb days.  The trees continue to hold on to their leaves as there is so little wind around, so we still have the welcome shade near the trees.  We have purchased four more wooden seats to be placed under the oak trees on the side of the field for both the children to use and also for your comfort when you come to watch sport etc.

BoT news
We extend a very warm welcome to Lave Letatau who has agreed to be coopted onto our Board of Trustees.  Lave’s role is to represent our Pasifika families and to bring that perspective to our decision making.  We thank Lave for his willingness to be involved on our Board and for his generous commitment to our school.  He is such an asset along with our other very capable, generous, and committed trustees.

School Worm Farm:  School Sustainability Project
Yes we do have one now!  On Tuesday, Sheila Robinson, Room 14, and our school gardening group  set up our first worm farm.  We purchased the “farm”, a very smart container,  and we also bought the special worms which arrived in a box in the mail!!  Sheila, equipped with rubber gloves, set the farm up and watched by a number of very interested children, then let the worms loose in their new home.  It was a really great learning experience for us all… The compost that it will produce will be used for our gardens.  Sheila is growing flowers from seed at the moment and the children in the gardening group are helping with this.  We will be transplanting the roses from the garden outside the technology room shortly and we plan to make that garden into a vegetable garden.  Other plans in this project include setting up a tank for watering the gardens.  We think that it is really important to teach the children about growing things from seed, taking care of the plants and then enjoying the results of their labour!  We are going just a little green at PCS!

Last week in our newsletter I congratulated our lovely lassie Heather McLeod on her marriage to Craig.  I got that part right..  However, I have to apologise to Heather (who has pointed out my error),  as I mistakenly said that Heather comes from Central Otago when she does of course, come from Southland…I got that part wrong!  So sincere apologies Heather – I really should have known where your accent comes from – such a very special pronunciation of a particular consonant in that part of the mainland..

All the very best to all of you for a restful and thoroughly enjoyable Easter break.   School closes today for 5 days.  Make the most of the break if you can manage a few days’ holiday and enjoy the company of your lovely children.  School opens again on Wednesday 26 March.

Kind regards
Marilyn Gwilliam